The refugee crisis and the UK’s PR politics

by Nando Sigona The refugee crisis is now – in Budapest, Kos, Lesvos, Calais, Pozzallo, Zuwarah, but the UK government pledges to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years (i.e. 4000 a year). Are Cameron & co. expecting the civil war to last that long or are they playing a game of cynical math wizardry? What... Continue Reading →

Asylum crisis? What crisis?

by Jenny Phillimore @japhillimore With the monthly asylum application figures published today and these demonstrating a 527 reduction in the number of asylum seekers making their claims on British soil from 2751 in January 2015 and from 2370 the equivalent period last year, I find myself wondering why have the numbers decreased? Indeed the general... Continue Reading →

In an era of superdiversity we need to radically rethink integration, says Nando Sigona at Bright Blue’s Immigration Commission

In September 2014, the Conservative think-tank Bright Blue hosted an oral evidence session on immigration. A team of high-profile commissioners interviewed experts from academia, government, journalism, the third sector and business. There were eight main sessions: business and growth; work and poverty; education, research, innovation and skills; local communities and public services; refugees, border control, visas and detention... Continue Reading →

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