Vulnerable migrants and Covid-19 in the UK and Japan: NODE UK|Japan webinar


This jointly organised webinar explores the impact of Covid-19 on migrants with precarious legal status in the UK and Japan. It examines how migration governance in the context of a public health crisis can exacerbate existing vulnerabilities and produce new ones, affecting disproportionally migrant communities already at the margin of our societies.


Dr Laurence Lessard Phillips (University of Birmingham, UK) – Vulnerability and migration during the pandemic in the UK: a wellbeing perspective

Dr Jotaro Kato (Waseda University, Japan) – ‘Policy of no policy’ toward immigrants in Japan: the impact of Covid 19 on Vietnamese ex-technical interns


Professor Gracia Liu Farrer (IAM, Waseda University)

NODE UK|Japan is a research network set up by the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRIS) and Waseda University’s Institute of Asian Migrations (IAM) to undertake comparative research exploring old and new migrations and processes of diversification in UK and Japan The network is funded by the UK’s ESRC and the Japan Foundation. the NODE UK|Japan network is working to create a sustainable network of academics

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