The experience of LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum in the UK at the time of Covid-19: Dawn River in conversation with Laurie Hartley of Rainbow Migration

Earlier this year Laurie Hartley, Asylum Seeker Support Worker at Rainbow Migration (previously known as UKLGIG), spoke with Dawn River, academic with IRiS, about the experiences of LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum in the UK.

This recording has been published during Pride month to highlight the specific challenges facing LGBTQI+ asylum seekers.

Pride month takes place during June in memory of the Stonewall uprising and is an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQI+ identities and the progress we have made towards equality. The stories of LGBTQI+ people fleeing persecution and their experience of the asylum system reminds us however there is much work still to be done. Towards the end of this half hour conversation, Laurie Hartley offers recommendations to policy makers and service providers about the work required based on written evidence submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee Covid-19 Inquiry. A link to this submission can be found in the Research and Publications Section by following the link to the Rainbow Migration website

Rainbow Migration provides practical, emotional, legal and political support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex people going through the asylum and immigration system.

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