Mobility and migration after Covid-19: webinar on 7 July, 2pm (BST)

>Webinar is free and open to the public, please register here.

What role will physical and social mobility infrastructures play in shaping future post-pandemic societies globally and locally? How can connectedness between different types of mobilities contribute to solve global challenges and create more sustainable cities and societies?

Mobility of goods, services and people shapes the way that we use and share the natural and the built environment. How we reimagine international mobility and the physical, legal and social infrastructures that regulate it, and rethink global supply chains to address the vulnerabilities that the Covid-19 pandemic put in sharp relief, is central in producing more sustainable and resilient societies in the global recovery.

We have invited inspiring and thought-provoking speakers with different expertise and professional backgrounds to discuss with us these issues in preparation for next year’s Forum for Global Challenges



  • Nando Sigona, Director, Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), University of Birmingham
  • Heather Steele, Research Fellow, School of Engineering, University of Birmingham

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