Global migration and social change – new book series

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Delighted to announce the launch of a new book series on “Global migration and social change” edited by me and Alan Gamlen of the Hugo Center for Migration and Population Research at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

The series is published by the University of Bristol’s Policy Press and aims to open up new interdisciplinary terrain and develop new scholarship in migration and refugee studies that is theoretically and methodologically innovative, and policy engaged.

We welcome book ideas and proposals, you can email Alan and me for further info regarding the Book series rationale and Proposal guidelines are available here.

The Series Editorial Advisory Board includes:
Leah Bassell, University of Leicester, UK
Sergio Carrera, CEPS, BE
Elaine Chase, University College London, UK
Alessio D’Angelo, Middlesex, UK
Andrew Geddes, University of Sheffield, UK
Roberto G. Gonzales, Harvard University, US
Elzbieta Gozdziak, Georgetown University, US
Jonathan Xavier Inda, University of Illinois, US

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