IRiS awarded ESRC funding to carry out research into migration crisis

In response to the on-going migration crisis the ESRC is providing £1 million to support leading UK social scientists to conduct research with migrant and refugee populations who have entered Europe across the Mediterranean.

Eight projects from across the UK are being funded under the ESRC’s Urgency Grants Mechanism. This is the first time the ESRC has activated this funding mechanism on a strategic basis, in response to a crisis.

Co-funded by the Department for International Development, the Mediterranean Migration Research Programme, which goes live today, will provide evidence to inform the development of policy and responses by governments, European agencies, and charities.

IRiS Dr Nando Sigona (co-investigator) joins forces with Professor Heaven Crawley (PI, Coventry University) and Professor Franck Duvell (CI, University of Oxford) to lead an international research team for the project ‘Unravelling the Mediterranean migration crisis’ (MEDMIG). The research aims to better understand the dynamics of migration in the Mediterranean region by providing the first large-scale, systematic and comparative study of the backgrounds, experiences, aspirations and routes of migrants in four European countries (Italy, Greece, Malta and Turkey) gathered from over 500 migrants who have recently arrived and 100 stakeholders.

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