The conversation continues: Nando Sigona speaks to Angelo Martins Jr about colonial legacies, social difference and migration

We are now in Series 4 of “Conversations with Iris” podcast/zoomcast. It began at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to stay connected with friends and colleagues around the world and to understand the impact the pandemic was having on migration and migrants. We spoke to researchers, campaigners, civil society organisations, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. Over time the range of topics for our conversations has broaden up as the number of ‘Iris’ hosts.

The latest epidode offers insights into the experiences of Brazilians in London and questions assumptions on ‘community’ and its boundaries. Nando Sigona speaks to Angelo Martins Jr, the author of ‘Moving difference’ an ethnographic exploration of how race, class and gender constructions travel with migrants and shape their migratory plans and trajectories as well as their experiences in the countries of residence and origin. Angelo also reflects on his work with sub-Saharan African migrants in Europe and Brazil and how his positionality plays a role in how he interact and engage with research participants.

All episodes are available on all major podcast platforms (eg ) and on IRiS youtube channel (

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