Node network has a new online home

We are delighted to share the new website of the NODE network. The network is led by us at the University of Birmingham and the Institute for Asian Migrations at Waseda University and was initially funded by the UKRI Economic and Social Research Council and the Japan Foundation.

Together with the information of the network and its members, we have collected all the articles, working papers and policy briefs produced in the first two years of NODE.

The website also showcases a series of video interviews with the editor-in-chief of Comparative Migration Studies and the editors and authors of the special issue on ‘Migrations and diversifications in the UK and Japan‘. Each article is co-authored and includes both UK and Japan perspectives. You can hear directly from the authors what they find out and what they have learned from each other case study.

Professor Peter Scholten, Editor-in-Chief of Comparative Migration Studies.

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