Podcast: Environmental Justice and Ethnic Inequalities

Co-hosted by the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) and the Department of Economics, University of Birmingham.

Poor air quality in the UK has been estimated to contribute to between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths per year and to reduce the quality of life for those who experience chronic health conditions. A concern increasingly raised by policy makers and academics surrounds the distributional aspects of pollution exposure and hazardous working conditions. Indeed, there is now growing evidence that some ethnic groups, particularly in the UK and US, may be inequitably exposed to poor working conditions, poor environmental quality and ultimately poor health. This IRiS webinar recorded on 30 November 2020 reviews the evidence to date of such inequalities and will provide new research on this important and timely topic. 

Speakers and presentation titles 

  • Jon Fairburn (Staffordshire University): A review of the evidence for the links between ethnicity and pollution from across Europe.
  • Catia Nicodemo (Oxford University):  The effect of immigration on occupational injuries: Evidence from administrative data.
  • Daniela Fecht (Imperial College): Ethnic inequalities in exposure to environmental pollutants.

Chaireb by Ceren Ozgen and Matt Cole (University of Birmingham).

This event is supported by the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Global Innovation Clean Air Theme.

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