Superdiverse Nursing: What is the patient experience?

On October 16th the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) and the School of Nursing will host a joint workshop to explore approaches to building and maintaining a superdiverse nursing workforce and how this can be harnessed to raise awareness of cultural and other barriers in the healthcare context.

With an increasingly diverse population, having a nursing workforce which reflects this and is working towards an improved patient experience and increased standards of care is vital to better healthcare. A number of key issues will be addressed during this workshop in  relation to this theme, including:

  • Health needs and resources
  • Understanding and increasing equality and representation in the nursing workforce
  • Concepts of ‘Cultural Competence’ and its application in nursing training and education
  • How do we communicate effectively in superdiverse nursing contexts?
  • How do we approach ‘global nursing’: building and maintaining a superdiverse nursing workforce in geopolitically unstable healthcare contexts?
  • Understanding superdiversity and its role in risk assessment, safety and the prevention of abuse
  • The implications of Brexit and the political climate on the nursing workforce and patient population

Keynote speakers
Dame Elizabeth Anionwu

Panel members

To register your place at the workshop and pay the £20 registration fee please click here for the University online shop.

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