Ya’ Gotta’ love baseball: Resource caravan passageways and immigrant integration – distinguished lecture

Time & Venue: 2nd July, 5.30 pm, Room G15, Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham

Professor Stevan HobfollPersonal, social and material resource loss and gain is instrumental in immigrant life and host-immigrant conflict.  Using the “love of baseball”  metaphor, which has long been a standard for immigrant acceptance in the United States, Professor Stevan Hobfoll (The Judd and Marjorie Weinberg Presidential Professor, Rush University Medical Center Chicago, Illinois, USA) will examine demands on both immigrants and society to allow and observe pathways of integration along resource caravan passageways that enable, impede, or disenable integration.

There is not a single pathway, but rather, there are several pathways that have proven successful and several that have proven unsuccessful.  The stressful challenges that are both real and perceived that face immigrants are explored with special attention of Muslim integration in Europe and the U.S..  The consequences of failure of Muslim integration for social unrest and as consequence the inevitability of terrorism are considered.  He will also consider the role of external forces in the case of Muslim integration as pressure for religious Jihad is intermixed politically in combination with the social problems of successful integration.

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