Hot off the virtual press: three new IRIS Working Papers

We are delighted to launch three new IRiS Working Papers looking at health care practices and pathways to settlement in diverse areas. Pathways of settlement among recent migrants in super-diverse areas¬†(25/2018) By¬†Susanne Wessendorf This report summarizes the main findings of the research into how new migrants find ways to settle when they do not have... Continue Reading →

Typologies and logics of welfare bricolage in Portugal and Lisbon: case studies from the UPWEB project

The Welfare Bricolage project (UPWEB), led by IRiS Director, Professor Jenny Phillimore, and is a four year research project seeking to fill gaps in knowledge around the health seeking behaviours of residents in superdiverse neighbourhoods. Understanding how people put together their own healthcare and the drivers behind their healthcare choices will enable future healthcare provision... Continue Reading →

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