Intersectionality and superdiversity: What’s the difference?

Report on the first roundtable of the IRiS Key Concepts series by Rachel Humphris, IRiS Associate Researcher The IRiS Key Concepts Roundtable series brings scholars together to discuss and interrogate the theoretical and analytical contours of superdiversity through its relationships to other germane concepts. Building on insights from the 2014 IRiS International Conference and a... Continue Reading →

Rethinking integration: New perspectives on adaptation and settlement in an era of superdiversity

IRiS and SAST Conference, Birmingham 2 July 2015 The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) at the University of Birmingham, together with the project Social Anchoring in Superdiverse Transnational Social Spaces (SAST) is organising a one-day interdisciplinary conference which will focus upon theories on and research into adaptation and integration in an era of superdiversity.... Continue Reading →

Who are you? Grayson Perry’s identity journeys

By Nando Sigona (originally published in Postcard from...) Channel 4 ‘Who are you?‘ series* by/with Turner-Prize winner Grayson Perry is a fascinating exploration into contemporary portraiture and society, as one alone was not already a big enough challenge! the series follows Perry’s creative journey to the production of portraits that capture individuals (not the usual portrait... Continue Reading →

Join UPWEB, new NORFACE project on changing welfare landscapes in the EU

Please find below details of 3 Research Fellow vacancies to work on the project ‘Understanding the Practice and Developing the Concept of Welfare-Bricolage (UPWEB)’ which is part of the NORFACE-Research-Network ‘The Future of Welfare States’ and connects researchers in Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal and Germany. The project will reconceptualise welfare theory by mapping how residents... Continue Reading →

In an era of superdiversity we need to radically rethink integration, says Nando Sigona at Bright Blue’s Immigration Commission

In September 2014, the Conservative think-tank Bright Blue hosted an oral evidence session on immigration. A team of high-profile commissioners interviewed experts from academia, government, journalism, the third sector and business. There were eight main sessions: business and growth; work and poverty; education, research, innovation and skills; local communities and public services; refugees, border control, visas and detention... Continue Reading →

How can the law be expected to cope with superdiversity?

All are welcome at this seminar by Professor Ralph Grillo (University of Sussex), to be held on 19 November 2014 from 1.00 to 2.30 pm, Room 429: 4th Floor (West), Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham Synopsis Contemporary European societies are all in varying degree multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, and 'superdiversity' (or rather, 'super-diversification') in its various... Continue Reading →

From superdiverse contexts to superdiverse subjects: Report on IRiS conference (23-25 June 2014)

Superdiversity: Theory, Method and Practice. Rethinking society in an era of change. 23-25th June 2014, University of Birmingham Report by Rachel Humphris @rachel_humphris The Conference on ‘Superdiversity: Theory, method and practice. Rethinking society in an era of change’ took place at the University of Birmingham from the 23rd to the 25th of June. The event,... Continue Reading →

What future for (super)diversity research?

Notes on the round table held at the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Research intro Superdiversity on 4th December 2013 by Nando Sigona, Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) IRiS invited three internationally renowned scholars in the field of diversity and migration studies, Dr Mette Louise Berg (Anthropology, University of Oxford), Dr Ben Gidley (COMPAS, University of... Continue Reading →

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