Why are unaccompanied migrant children disappearing in the thousands?

Until the EU recognises the specific needs of child migrants and makes it a priority to swiftly reunite them with family members, Nando Sigona and Jenny Allsopp argue in an op-ed published in OpenDemocracy, many will likely continue to abscond from the reception system. The ‘disappearance’ of 10,000 migrant children after arriving in the EU…

Denmark migration law: a sign of things to come?

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Al Jazeera’s Inside Story (27 Jan) on Denmark adopting law on seizure of asylum seeker assets. Guests: Ramazan Salman – Director of the support group ‘Migrants for Migrants’, Irene Zugasti – Co-author of the report ‘Civil Society Responses to the Refugee Crisis’, and me.

It’s the culture, stupid! Or is it?

By Thomas Hylland Eriksen The events in Cologne have sparked controversies across Europe. This time, the topic is not the economic and social costs of the refugee crisis, but questions concerning culture and gender. We need a proper language in which to address these issues.  There is no simple answer as to what exactly happened…

Last two days to submit an abstract for IRiS conference

Last few days to submit an abstract for Frontiers and Borders of Superdiversity to be held at the University of Birmingham on 23-24 June 2016. The aim of the conference is to map the state of the art in knowledge on superdiversity and reflect on the analytical and heuristic uses of the concept, its potential…

IRiS research highlights for 2015

2015 has been a really busy and successful year for IRiS. Our highlights for 2015 include a number of new high profile research projects as well as numerous publications and research related events around superdiversity and migration. Jenny Phillimore’s UPWEB hit the street this year with fieldwork in full swing. The study is funded by NORFACE…

Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on refugee integration in Europe

Sweden introduces border controls to deal with refugee crisis. Presenter: Martine Dennis Guests: Elizabeth Collett – Director of the Migration Policy Institute Europe. Dr Nando Sigona – Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and Deputy Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity.  Sarosh Zaiwalla – Senior Partner and Founder of Zaiwalla and Co-Solicitors.

Where is integration in the refugee crisis?

What is lost in the debate about refugees, which has hitherto focused on numbers, is a proper discussion about integration. In this article, Jenny Phillimore examines the steps that might support a two-way integration process.