Superdiversity: Opportunity or challenge for addressing social inequality?

Report on the second¬†roundtable of the IRiS Key Concepts series by Rachel Humphris (@rachel_humphris), IRiS Associate Researcher The IRiS Key Concepts Roundtable series brings scholars together to discuss and interrogate the theoretical and analytical contours of superdiversity through its relationships to other germane concepts. The second Key Concepts roundtable with Professor Ben Rogaly, Dr Paul... Continue Reading →

Causes and experiences of poverty among refugees and asylum seekers in the UK

From the mid-1990s onwards, policies and legislation governing the treatment of refugees and asylum-seekers have become more restrictionist in the UK. Experiences of poverty among this group have been well documented throughout this period, however, the resulting evidence base remains fragmented. Most qualitative data relates to the experiences of specific groups, for example, child asylum... Continue Reading →

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