The tower: Diary of an EU citizen in the UK (26)

The Grenfell Tower is a microcosm of London’s superdiversity and income inequality.

Postcards from ...

London’s burning, London’s burning.

Fetch the engines, fetch the engines.

Fire fire, Fire Fire!

Pour on water, pour on water.

My son is in Year 1, last term the 1666 fire of London was the core theme of his school activities – he made dramatic fire-related artwork, he learned about fire and wood houses, firefighters and the pain of those who survived. They were read passages of Samuel Pepys diary. He asked a thousand questions. He wanted to know if our home is safe. In his school diary he wrote: People were fleeing like meerkats; the flames were like dolphins jumping on a flat sea. He sang and sang this song.

How do I tell my son, how do we tell our children that in 2017 London is burning again? How can we explain to a 6-year- old that someone like him in London had half of his classmates vanished…

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Mass migration and real estate in European cities

Dr Lisa Goodson has recently completed a report funded by the Urban Land Institute to examine the innovations in social housing being driven by rapid scale immigration. The report, Mass migration and real estate in European cities, highlights how immigration has brought changes to the structure of cities, bringing about a need for multi-sectoral responses in areas such... Continue Reading →

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