Denmark migration law: a sign of things to come?

Nando Sigona speaking to Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on 27 Jan on Danish decision to seize asylum seeker assets.

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Al Jazeera’s Inside Story (27 Jan) on Denmark adopting law on seizure of asylum seeker assets. Guests: Ramazan Salman – Director of the support group ‘Migrants for Migrants’, Irene Zugasti – Co-author of the report ‘Civil Society Responses to the Refugee Crisis’, and me.

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Al Jazeera’s Inside Story on refugee integration in Europe

Sweden introduces border controls to deal with refugee crisis. Presenter: Martine Dennis Guests: Elizabeth Collett - Director of the Migration Policy Institute Europe. Dr Nando Sigona - Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and Deputy Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity.  Sarosh Zaiwalla - Senior Partner and Founder of Zaiwalla and Co-Solicitors.

The refugee crisis and the UK’s PR politics

by Nando Sigona The refugee crisis is now – in Budapest, Kos, Lesvos, Calais, Pozzallo, Zuwarah, but the UK government pledges to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years (i.e. 4000 a year). Are Cameron & co. expecting the civil war to last that long or are they playing a game of cynical math wizardry? What... Continue Reading →

The EU migration agenda as a cloud

By Nando Sigona Not sure what to make of this, interesting to see the prominence of ‘member states’, as they are certainly crucial in determining the success or failure of the strategy. Given the responses in the last few weeks (including France’s pushback at Ventimiglia), the latter seems a much more likely outcome. Assuming that... Continue Reading →

Join UPWEB, new NORFACE project on changing welfare landscapes in the EU

Please find below details of 3 Research Fellow vacancies to work on the project ‘Understanding the Practice and Developing the Concept of Welfare-Bricolage (UPWEB)’ which is part of the NORFACE-Research-Network ‘The Future of Welfare States’ and connects researchers in Great Britain, Sweden, Portugal and Germany. The project will reconceptualise welfare theory by mapping how residents... Continue Reading →

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