NODE UK|JAPAN international symposium: Call for Papers

The University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRIS) and Waseda University’s Institute of Asian Migrations (IAM) have established a research network focused on new and old migrations and diversities. The network is called NODE UK|Japan (New and Old Diversities Exchange).

Funded by the UK’s ESRC and AHRC and Japan’s SSH and the Japan Foundation, the NODE UK|Japan network is working to create a sustainable network of academics to undertake comparative research exploring old and new migrations and diversifications in UK and Japan.  This international symposium to be held on 2-4 December 2019 is the first step in supporting the collaboration of UK/Japan academics and will be followed by opportunities for fully funded exchanges. 

This is an open call for papers for the New and old migrations and diversities in UK and Japan symposium to be held at Waseda University, Tokyo.  We invite submissions that engage with the following questions, comparative perspectives on UK and Japan are particularly welcome:

  • In what ways have colonial and imperial pasts shaped immigration presents?
  • What kinds of policy and practice shape integration and resettlement?
  • How are migration and diversity discussed or represented in political and media debate and discourses
  • How is immigration governed at local and national levels? How do these levels interact?
  • How do processes of superdiversification play out at local level for people, businesses and social-cultural life?
  • What is the impact of the internationalisation of education on schools, campuses and communities?
  • What is the impact of labour market shortages on immigration patterns and processes?
  • Are migrant workers more likely to perform particular occupations? Do they work in higher risk industries more than do non-migrant workers?
  • To what extent can immigration be replaced by automation and outsourcing?
  • How is irregularity produced and maintained? What shapes migrant precarity and how do irregular migrants negotiate everyday life below the radar?
  • How does immigration transform family life and intimate relationships and to what extent do intimate relationships shape migration behaviours and practices?
  • What specific outcomes does entrepreneurship yield for immigrants and their countries of origin?
  • How are migrants and immigration policies reconstituting urban spaces?
  • What effect does being the children of migrants have on their social, economic and cultural outcomes and identity?
  • How are migrant lives represented in art and literature? What can engaging with such narratives tell us about migrant experiences, belonging and identity?

How to apply

Please read the Call for Papers (PDF) for instructions on how to apply.  All applications must be submitted by 31 August 2019.

Presenters will be encouraged to identify counterparts at the symposium with whom they can work on a joint paper for a special issue focusing on old and new diversities in UK/Japan in a major academic journal. Applications are encouraged from academics at all stages of their careers and particularly Early Career Researchers.

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